Who we are


We are Jörg (45) and Basti (47), family men from Friedberg/Hessen. In our normal life we are barkeepers - but what is normal at the moment?


Driven by too little reserves, too much time and anger in our stomachs, we decided during the second lockdown, which of course also affects our restaurants, to develop a Corona Shooter game to fight the virus virtually.


 What you can do

If you like the game and Corona has left you with some money reserves, you are welcome to support us.
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 How to play

In our child-friendly game, you shoot vaccine syringes at viruses and mutations.

But be careful and watch out for the aerosols falling down!

Collect masks for extra lifes and press the lockdown button from time to time to destroy larger numbers of viruses. 

The accompanying music is "No Whisky in the Jar", a lyrically modified version of the Irish folk song, which is intended to remind of the current situation in bars around the world.

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Fight mutations and lower the infection rate!

Another obstacle on your way to the maximum vaccination rate are mutations who get in your way during the game. Again, the vaccination syringe is your most important companion to vaccinate your opponents and defeat the virus. The quick and easy controls of your vaccination plane helps you to avoid obstacles and hit the virus. It is up to you to effectively lower the infection rate and master level after level in the game.


Right here on this website you can challenge your luck and benefit from a fun and interesting distraction. Controlling the airplane is simple, just use your two thumbs to steer the airplane to the desired position. Especially in the more difficult levels, it will depend on your coordination skills to have the virus virtually under control. Only with the necessary patience and determination will you be able to break every new Corona outbreak.

The Corona Shooter - fight the viruses!

Are you also tired of Corona? With our creative game we offer you for the first time the opportunity to take control and end the pandemic - at least virtually. It’s up to you to defend the world from infectious viruses and annoying mutations. You are equipped with an airplane full of ready-to-fire vaccine syringes to support you in your mission. Will you manage to bring down the infection numbers?

You want to fight the virus? Corona Shooter will help you!

With the Corona Shooter you now have the chance to achieve this goal - at least virtually. We'll equip you for your game with an airplane full of vaccination syringes, with which you'll be able to defeat the annoying viruses skillfully and with humor. On your way to your goal, many small problems and challenges arise, which make the Corona Game so entertaining. Especially in times of boring lockdowns you will gain a new and interesting pastime with our game.

Collect masks and increase health!

If you run out of breath, you will find numerous masks on your way that you can collect for better health. These give you extra staying power in your fight against Corona, its mutations and spreads. Thus, success not only depends on your shooting accuracy, but also on finding the right equipment for protection. Will you and your injection syringes put an end to Corona once and for all?


Of course, you also have the chance to compete with friends in the Corona Shooter game. Here you master level after level and earn the highest score. Over time, it will be much easier for you to effectively fight the virus, stop mutations and prolong your health with masks. But the difficulty also increases from level to level. The right vaccination strategy will help you to safely tackle even the biggest challenges.

Shoot the viruses with syringes!

The vaccination syringe becomes the most important tool in the Corona Shooter to prevent the virus from spreading further and to get the pandemic under control. A lockdown button is also available on your journey to significantly reduce the number of viruses for a short period. The Corona Shooter is based on many real-life circumstances and decisions, however, in this game the focus is purely on fun.


Your No#Covid-mission therefore depends on accuracy and coordination, in order to not  miss the target with the precious vaccination syringes. The virus is smart and will do everything possible to evade your plans to combat it. Only with the necessary skills will you be able to virtually end the lockdown and defeat the virus in Corona Shooter Game!

We turn your smartphone into a Anti-Corona weapon

Whether at home or on the go - overcome your frustration with Corona playfully and fight the virus in the Corona Shooter game. Of course, we are constantly developing the game further and working on interesting new features. This way, it certainly will not be boring to master the numerous levels and to aquire interesting details. So it is up to you to achieve the highest score and find a successful vaccination strategy. You better start today to break the second wave and save the world!

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